Local Church History

Lockport Wesleyan Church was originally the First Methodist Church of Chestnut Ridge, organized as a Wesleyan Methodist Church in 1882.

The community and church experienced a significant revival in 1887. A parsonage constructed that year was destroyed by fire in 1938, but was rebuilt. In November of 1957 the first unit of an educational building was dedicated, and a two-manual organ with chimes was presented to the church in memory of Henry R. Barnett.

The late '50s saw significant growth and in 1958 the Sunday School won the district's achievement plaque. The church supported missions projects in India and Korea, and member Betsy Glazier was a missionary in the Philippines. By 1961 the church was free of debt.

A new parsonage was built in 1963. The congregation experienced transforming revival in 1966. In addition to a deepened spiritual commitment came vision and money for church renovation in 1968. Growth continued into the 1970s

In 2016, an evening service was started called 'The Refinery' in partnership with our sister church, Hess Road Wesleyan.  In July of 2019, the  morning congregation was disbanded and The Refinery evening service became the main service of the church. 

Pastoral History

Michael Schell        1957-1961
John Colley           1961-1971
Richard Lofgrin     1971-1972
Richard Wolf        1972-1977
Milton Putnam        1977-1983
David L Hill            1983-1995
Mark Huntsinger     1995-2001
Tom Bender          2001-2007
Richard Heitzenrater  (supply) 2007-2008
Matthew Rose  (supply)  2008- Present

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